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Saturday, May 16, 2009

My girls have a new friend

About a month ago I posted a blog about a couple that just lives few blocks from us is adopting a baby. Well…day before yesterday they brought their baby home and my family is equally excited to see the baby. We talked to the girls and we are supposed to go this evening to see the baby.

Today morning, my girls packed several toys for the new baby – Disha (Disha means direction in Hindi) and around 2:00 PM my little one – Lily, came to me to tell me that she is ready to go. She had make up on and jewelery etc. They kept bugging me to take them to see the baby.

Before hand we talked to the girls about the adoption and we made sure to open a channel of communication to talk about their own adoption. At last, we went this evening and the baby was asleep but my girls promptly woke her up.  

As soon as I saw Disha, it reminded me of my daughter who came home in 2001. She is about the same age and size as Lydia was. Parents looked so happy but busy and I couldn’t help but think how babies can change lives overnight. We went over few things about what we did with our girls and my girls promptly pulled out the toys they brought for her.

My wife had few thoughts there. First she said “babies at this stage are so easy to take care because they keep whatever the clothes you put them on” referring to obvious fights we have at home about the choice of clothes for my girls. She also noticed that Disha sucks her middle two fingers and then we talked about my kids thumb sucking habit.

Just before we left, my older one told Disha’s mom that she will come tomorrow on her own to play with Disha and aunty agreed. We are so glad that my girls have a new friend (to boss over) to play with.

Have a great weekend.

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