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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Many of you must be wondering as to what this blog is all about? We want to make an FAQ page answering all your questions here. If you have any questions that you would like for us to address, please feel free to write in the box at the end of the message and we will address them when appropriate.

What is Indi(AA)doption?

It basically is a web log (or commonly called as blog) to promote the message of adoption in/ from India.

Under what name is Indi(AA)doption is registered?

Indi(AA)doption blog is registered with google under "The HOPE House".

What is the HOPE House?

HOPE House is an outcome of a vision of few NRI's (Non Residing Indians) in the United States of America to promote the message of adoption in/ from India and to care for those that cannot be placed in homes through adoption. HOPE House operates a home in a town called Vellore in Tamilnadu for orphan, semi-orphan and children of dysfunctional/ disadvantaged homes. Currently we take care of 15 girls. You can read more about our work at this link

Why do you have google ads on your blog?

Our intention is not to make money by this blog but to spread the message of adoption. Google has come up with such an innovative product called "Adsense" where web sites or blogs can place adsense code which crawls the host content and brings up appropriate and relevant sponsors ads for the visitors. This is absolutely free. When a visitor clicks on the sponsors ads, google pays the host (here it is the HOPE House).

As much as we like to ask our donors to help us to do the work, we equally feel obligated to raise some funds for our work by ourselves. What better way to raise funds than to get paid for doing what you're passionate about? Moreover if that payment is to help someone that needs help, why not?? It's free money.

How much do you get paid by google?

Our policy is to publish all the earnings through google on this blog every month. Please check back to read about our earnings. Since this blog's inception, it has raised approximately 96 dollars in total and google doesn't pay the publisher till the amount reaches 100 dollars.

How do they calculate your payment? is beyond my illiterate head to explain the technical jargon. Please visit to learn about adsense. If they pay we receive and if they don't we don't. It's that simple. Our only priority is to spread the message of adoption.

How will the money be used?

We haven't received our first payment yet but as and when we receive it, it will be credited to the HOPE House account and the proceeds will be used for the needs of the HOPE House children.

Can anyone be part of this blog?

Yes. Anyone that is touched by the message of adoption and want to make a difference can join.

What will I be doing?

You will be contributing content to the blog. Your content must be family and adoption appropriate. People like mothers, fathers, kids, adoption professionals, adoptees, adoptive families, government employees (related to the field of adoption), adoption activists and non-government organizations etc can be part of it.

What kind of content am I expected to contribute?

As said above, anything family and /or adoption appropriate. You can write on any existing topics (check out the blog for the existing columns) or about personal stories, commentaries, and adoption journeys. Your language must be constructive, inclusive and thought provoking. You must refrain from using any kind of abusive language or targeting any particular group or individuals. Such posts along with the content publisher will be deleted from the blog.

How can I join?

It is by invitation only. If you or anyone that you know of like to be part of this blog to be content publisher, write to us at and we will send out an invitation.

Can I get paid from doing this work?

No. No content publisher to Indi(AA)doption blog will be compensated in anyway for their work. Your desire to be part of this cause must be voluntary and expecting no monetary benefit of any kind. Your work helps to promote the message of adoption and care for those that cannot be placed in homes through adoption.

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