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Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy day yesterday

Couple of months ago a couple called me for adoption counseling and as usual I went over with them what I normally do with every couple. They agreed to follow and they have been keeping me updated since about the status of their adoption.

Yesterday they both came to our office to tell me that their date is fixed and they are going to bring the baby next month. Nice thing about this couple is that they only live three blocks from my house. Again, I went over with them about what needs to be taken care of at this stage of adoption and one thing that I told them that my wife and I did in December of 2001.

I told the couple to go out on a date on the day before they go get their child to enjoy each other’s company. I still remember the day before we were to fly to Los Angeles to receive our baby girl. We decided to dress very formally and went to Harrigans at 50th and Memphis. It is so interesting that we wanted to treat each other on that day but what we ended up doing the whole time was talking about the child.

When I was talking to this couple it was a sort of flash back of memories for me…. Loved it. I also encouraged the couple not to miss out on taking million photographs because once the moment is passed it isn’t coming back. Can’t wait to see and hold the baby. My girls will have company now.

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Ritesh said...

Thanks Ruby,

You have been such a great help to us guiding us all the way through. We look forward to your guidance in future as well.

We are quite delighted for the day we would have our daughter in our hands. Can't stop counting days...