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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thank you KKR for making my girls identity a memorable event

As I told you in my previous post about the IPL finals war at home, now I want to tell you about how we went about watching the finals.  

If you're not familiar with what I am talking about, it is about the Indian Premiere League (IPL) cricket finals.  Two teams that have reached finals are patronized by different people at my house.  Chennai Super Kings (CSK) is rooted by the mother while the Kolkata Knight Raiders (KKR) is rooted by my girls.  Dad is like a cat on the wall (to jump which ever the side looks like is about to win).

Game was scheduled for 8:00 PM and all the ladies at home were all dressed in their team colors by 5:00 PM.  As the game went on, CSK was cruising and girls lost hope and interest.  Watching them feel that KKR is not going to make it was hard.  

By the time CSK finished batting, no one gave KKR a chance that they would be able climb that steep wall.  When KKR started batting and lost their first wicket (their star batsman and captain) in the first over, I thought the game is over.  Game goes on till 11:00 PM and by 9:30 PM, both girls fell asleep.  When KKR began getting hold of the game, I told my wife "I want KKR to win only for the girls" and she replied jokingly "No way, they'll run me down tomorrow".  In my heart quietly (I bet mom too), I began to root for KKR.

When the game was won by KKR at 11:30 PM, both of us walked into the bed room and told the girls in their sleep "Hey girls, guess what?" Lily with her thumb in the mouth, barely opening her eyes asked "What momma?". "KKR won".  Lydia opened her eyes and smiled and then they both went back to sleep.

In the morning they were thrilled to death to watch all the celebrations of KKR and the cartwheeling of Sharukh Khan.  I began to think about this whole episode and I really felt good about how my girls were able to connect to their roots so strongly.  Anything to do with Kolkata, they are there and support it wholeheartedly while Mom and Dad cheer for them.  

Dear Sharukh, if you're reading this message, you just don't know how much this KKR win means to my girls.  They really don't care for the game but for their identify.  They feel that they have something that they both can connect to and feel proud about and we want to say a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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