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Friday, June 01, 2012

"Daddy, don't hold my hand"....

June 1st means end of Summer holidays for my girls and starting of a new academic year.  We have a tradition in our home - Mom and Dad goes with the girls and see which classroom they sit and and say hello to the teacher before leaving the school.

Today school was bustling with kids all over the campus and after we entered the school campus, Lily was holding mom's hand and I was walking with my older one (10) - Lydia.  After sometime I told her how proud I am that she is going to be a 5th grader and then tried to hold her hand.  Immediately she pulled her hand out of my hand and told me "Daddy, don't hold my hand".  Also said showing her stretched out fingers (with a grin) "I am in 5th grade daddy" 

I knew that she has grown up and not a little girl anymore.  While we were returning from school, I told mom what happened and she agreed that she has grown up and she needs her independence.  I still remember that little girl in my hands in Tom Brady International terminal in LA when she came into our hearts.

She has grown up today to have a personality of her own with a a mind of her own.  She loves art - learning piano, paints, sings, dances and loves to read books (Jeronimo Stiltion is her favorite) watch TV and play on the computer.  She loves outdoors.  I told her about the day when she would be ready to leave the house and she was not very happy about that day.  Seeing her not being happy, I also didnt continue that conversation.   

I am just enjoying this day to see my girls grow up.  My little one still wanted us to come with her though.

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