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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Indian Premiere League (IPL) cricket finals war at my house

Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Raiders have reached the Indian Premiere League (IPL) finals that is to be played on Sunday.  5th edition of this tournament has been going for the past 45 days and every time one of these two teams played, there's tension in the house.

Both my girls are from Kolkata and my wife is from Tamilnadu (Chennai is the capital city of state of Tamilnadu).  So you can see the loyalties and who is supporting who.  My self like (being from Andhra Pradesh) a gooseberry enjoying the debates and arguments.  I had been jumping sides depending on the situation.

Now that these two teams have reached the finals, debate level has gone up to a new level and everyone in the house wants to know which side Daddy supports.  Being caught in the middle, I came up with a test of loyalties to two team supporters.  

I said that whoever gives the maximum number of kissies wins daddy's support.  I said this while we were having our lunch and before even I finish saying it, my little one landed tens of kisses with her curdy mouth.  Now that Kolkata team had won me over (for now), Chennai team could do better and I am waiting.       

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