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Monday, March 29, 2010

Family Time

Someone mentioned to me the other day that they had heard of some research done that told the number one thing you could do with your family. The top thing was to take...

them camping! Surprisingly enough, the best part was not even in the camping, but in what came out of it later on, even years and years later. He said that what really mattered was in the years later when the family could talk about all the experiences they had while doing this activity. The things that went wrong, that are funny now but weren't at the time, and just the shared experiences that the family had together. So, really any family time you plan together where it focuses on you being involved together and making memories is just so important. The time you spend together could just be hanging out in the great outdoors of your own yard(I loved doing this as a kid)enjoying each others company, sitting on the porch laughing together and telling stories, watching the stars or clouds, greeting the neighbors, playing tag or hide and seek, riding go-carts, walking and talking about all of creation, raking the yard and finding a great treasure in the grass, to going on a camping trip and getting drenched in your tent, just things that your kids will get into for thier age that helps you to really engage with them on a together basis, not things like watching TV/movies where no one talks to the other. It could be great or simple things, anything that creates great memories of your family life together can be one of the biggest blessings you can give your family.

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Vinata Iyer said...

I had once read " besides education the best thing u can give ur child is memories"
I pray to god tht i m able to do this for anandi