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Saturday, February 14, 2009

My valentine's day

Today is 14th of February and that means it is a “Day of Love”. For me, day is almost over and I must say today has been a memorable day for many reasons. Day began with a gentle assurance between my wife and I of our existence in our relationship.

Early morning, my older daughter – Lydia gave us (my wife and I) a hand made greeting card and the card simply took me by a complete surprise. What took me by surprise is the level of her imagination for her age and the wording on it. She is seven and half years old now. Everything including painting the white paper in red, cutting, glittering, and writing etc was done by Lydia. Enlarge the images below to see why I had the chicken moment.

Image of greeting being folded into half.

Fully opened greeting.

Then around 10:00 AM, I took her to piano class. It has been a chore to take Lydia to this class because we have been feeling like we may be pushing her and she has no interest in it. When I went to pick her up, what her teacher told me was a huge surprise. He just couldn’t describe her talent in words. He literally told me to the effect that she may have something special that we don’t know. I couldn’t contain my joy so I shared with the teacher about the greeting card that she had made all by her self. I came home and told mom and she was more elated than I was.

In the afternoon I went to attend my alma mater’s annual reunion of traumatic brain injury patients. This is the place I started my career as a Physiotherapist in 1990. It has changed so much and it was such a joy to see people who seem to have lost so much yet displayed such courage determination to live on. What they reminded me was not what we have is important but what we could make of what we are left with is.

It is exactly three years since we have relocated to India today. It is kind of nostalgic to look back into these three years to know that we have made it. Adjustments had it’s ups and downs and but all in all, it has been more than joyful to be back home.

Day ended with me making layered chappatis.


Vinata Iyer said...

hi ruby this card jus brought tears to my eyes. I would like to congratulate you coz I can see her becoming a fine young lady. btw I would also like to chat or talk to you over the phone plz let me know when. my email id is
Vinata Iyer

Nirmala Ravi said...

Hi Ruby,

This is such a wonderful post. I cant describe my joy when I read your post. have not been able to be regular on your site (you know who is keeping me busy).

Nirmala & Ravi