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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Little Shopper

Our refrigerator was starting to look bare so we decided it was time to do some grocery shopping. As we went down the isles our little Sananda would pick up items and throw....

them into the cart, as she no longer likes to ride in it much. When I looked in to see what she had tossed in there I noticed that she was picking up brands of items that we use. Now not even being 3 years old yet...I was surprised that she even really paid that much attention to what kind she picked up. She just seems so small yet, but she is really thinking about it. The part that really made me smile was when she picked up some Chai Latte, we have been out of it for awhile and she likes to sample it when I have some. The next surprise was when we were at the check out and the checker told us that we had a hole in our bag of Dal(beans). My husband looked at me and asked if I wanted another bag or if I had even wanted them. Well.. I guess by now you can probably figure out how they got into the cart without our knowledge.
When we got home and started to unpack the bags of groceries I found 1 lone banana in a bag with some other items, I am sitting here wondering how it got seperated from the rest of the bunch, perhaps our little girl threw an extra one in(?) just like when she decided to take a bite out of an orange when we weren't looking and we had to add that to the cart too, in it's own little special fruit bag. It is such a joy to look at her and remember how much we have been blessed by each and everyone of our Sweet Valentines/kids, they sure make shopping fun.

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