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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Memorable chapter comes to an end.

It was exactly 11 years and one month ago he came into our lives and then all that he gave us was mere joy and excitement. He never forced himself for us to consider him as part of a family but we did so because we loved him that much. Like every good thing comes to an end, life does so too.

My dog – Chase has been battling bladder tumor for the past one year and we couldn’t do much for him as the doctor told us that it is a malignant tumor. We knew that his end is just around the corner but I never realized about the pain of losing him.

He breathed for one last time in my hands and became lifeless in seconds. With broken hearts my wife and I couldn’t tell him enough in words how much we love him and how much he will be missed before he left us. We wrapped him up and gave a decent burial in our backyard. Girls came from school and went straight to his grave and laid flowers. Then the little one started to cry saying “I miss Chase”.

Why does the death of a dog hurt so much? Well…. he was more than a dog to us. He was a little friend that gave us joy and loved us unconditionally, never did anything harmful to my children even though they didn’t treat him with equal respect; he protected our house tooth and nail. Simply put, he gave us more than we could ask for.

It was a memorable chapter of our lives that came to an end and life goes on. He will always be a very special friend of our family and will be missed sorely. He certainly made us better individuals to learn from him what it means to give unconditionally.

I miss you Chase.

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