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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Adopting while on travel job (Q and A)

Question: I am Indian, single and an accomplished professional. I would like to adopt but my job involves international travel for an extended period of time (possibly for few months at a time). Can I adopt and if so, how can I do it?

Answer: Singles can adopt under Juvenile and Justice Act but there are two important things that you must be aware of. Firstly, singles can only adopt a child of same gender and secondly singles must be minimum of 30 years of age to adopt.

These following items are just a few to pay attention to:

Establishing home base: It’s important to create your own home state and address. If I am not wrong, residency is determined by the number of years that you live at a particular address. Adoption agencies are very reluctant to work with out of state families as that increases their expense (home study and post placement visits etc). Since you’re also a traveler, you need a permanent mailing address for the agency to stay in touch with you.

Plan your timing: You need to plan your travel assignments with your employer in such a way that you’re in India to do the home study and to receive the child. It is important to reassure the adoption agency about the post adoption arrangements in case of immediate travel plans. It is advisable not to travel immediately even before you get to bond with the child. Talk to your employer about this.

In absentia arrangement: You need to make arrangements to meet the adoption agency demands (for example if they ask for health certificate) when you’re not in the country. If the agency agrees, have your family act as your ‘limited role proxy’ in India to meet their demands on your behalf. It is advisable to make such arrangements legally binding to address the concerns of the agency.

In conclusion, considering your travel, you must understand the sensitivities of the adoption agency (of placing a child in wrong hands) and must be willing to go beyond what’s been asked of you to establish your credentials. There may be other issues that I may not have covered so check around with others.

It requires lot of thought and planning.

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