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Monday, September 01, 2008

Choosing competitions for the kids

5th Sunday of a month is observed as a ‘family service’ in our church. During the service a family can do something special like singing a song, performing a skit or play an instrument. Yesterday being the 5th Sunday of the month, my kids wanted to do something special.

They decided to sing a chorus and recite a Bible verse. Well…. I was excited but I had my own fears about how they would do because this is a 150 + years old, large traditional church. They practiced everyday for the whole week and they were all excited to do it so I called the Pastor on Saturday to confirm it.

Time came and went and they performed beyond our expectation. After the church service, lot of people came and complimented them for their courage and talent. With today’s experience, I learnt a few things about choosing competitions for the kids to participate.

Kids choice: Any competition that the kids want to compete let it be their decision and not yours. When it is a parent’s decision, it ends up being the competition for adults than for the kids. We chose the chorus and Bible verse for them with a reason and they agreed.

Reducing the chance of failing: We didn’t know how many kids are going to participate but we knew that there are no prizes to be given away. So the kids were under no pressure of any kind to perform.

Allow kids to be kids: My wife and I decided that even if they make mistakes, we are not going to make a huge deal out of it. That gave children enough confidence to perform freely with no fear of any kind.

Long term effects: We learnt that yesterday’s performance has nothing to do about winning or losing but it is all about confidence and courage. Courage builds on courage so I’ve no doubt now that they are ready to perform again if they get a chance.

When Lydia’s teacher came and complimented her, as parents, we couldn’t be any more proud of our girls.

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