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Friday, August 22, 2008

'Child' magazine in India now

A new magazine is started (in April) in India called "Child', which is published by a Bangkok based organization called "Media Transasia" which has titles like 'Swagat' 'Discover India' and 'Architecture & Design' to it's credit. Transasia obtained the license for this magazine from a US based publisher called "Meredith". 'Child' is expected to cover issues pertaining to children. It appears that it is currently available only in metros and mini metros.

Recently when I was in Chennai, I checked it out at the 'Landmark' store and it is priced reasonably at Rs.100/- per month.I hope magazines like 'Child' covers articles that are related to adoption. If you're living in a metro or a mini metro and visits a book store next time, check it out and this might be worth of an investment to learn about our children from a different perspective.

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