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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My time in India

During my time in India I experienced so many things and I will try to relate to you all that we did. It will take a few posts to get this all down. The 1st two pictures above are of some art work outside of a house, they are ment to either invite their Goddess to their home, or maybe to welcome the day and visitors. These drawings are done early each morning. I even saw a few houses where some designs were painted on along with the chalk drawing beside it. The 3rd photo is of The HOPE House, the main place I am visiting while here. Read on to hear more....

The first day I fly into Chennai at night, it was hot getting off the plane. Somehow I had expected it to be cooler at this time. It had a different feel than both Kolkata and Dehli although they are all beautiful places. We took a van to Vellore were I would be staying the next couple of weeks.
We exchanged our money at a bank and did some shopping, what a great way to start a trip, right? Next, we ate lunch at the HOPE House, the orphanage where Sandhya (our little girl that we sponser) lives. I looked around a little to see this place that I had heard so much about. The girls had been at school and were finally coming home, I was excited to see what Sandhya's reaction would be since she didn't know that I was coming. The rest of the Aunty's and I snuck around the back of the building and came in the back door. The girl's finally noticed us and were excited that we had come. We came further into the room they were in and Sandhya finally realized who I was. The other girls started saying my name and Sandhya's together because they now knew that I was her sponser Aunty. Sandhya had shown them my picture before, they were pretty excited. As the girls sat in a group I looked at Sandhya and saw the most beautiful smile on her face, I can't describe how good this felt to see her so happy. I was equally pleased. All the girls are so friendly and sweet, they played games with us, teaching us songs and hand plays. We had supper that night at the HOPE House.

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