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Monday, July 21, 2008

Is it wrong to expect an adoptee to adopt a child? (Q and A)

If you have been around adoptive families or in any adoption community, many would like to ask an adoptee a question whether they would like to adopt a child? Many also wonder if it is appropriate/ inappropriate to have such expectations.

If you’re asking the question out of curiosity, it is absolutely fine but most of the time people ask such questions with certain degree of expectations and then it becomes inappropriate.

We must understand that although the adoptees have loving families, they do not have any kind of biological connection in this universe. A famous singer Mr. Rodney Atkins – an adoptee himself had a biological child recently and he felt the “biological connection” for the first time in his life. That I am presuming is true for every adoptee and for them to have the desire to have a biological connection is important and genuine.

I’ve also heard of stories of adoptees not wanting to adopt a child because of negative experiences in their own adoptive families. So before you ask such questions next time, evaluate your own motives behind such questions.


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