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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Adoption of children with HIV to the US might become easier.

United States is one among the few countries in the world that bans individuals with HIV entering their soil either for travel or immigration purposes. This ban has been in place since 1987 and it is about to be overturned if the efforts of two prominent senators of the US become a success.

As part of a bill to combat HIV/ AIDS with about 50 billion dollars in the world, US government is contemplating of opening their doors to individuals with HIV. There are innocent children born with HIV and becomes orphans whom no one wants to care for. Own families disown such children and on top of it all, there are limited treatment options available for such children.

In India, first level of ART (anti-retro viral therapy) is given at no cost by the government of India but at some point in time children will need the higher level of medications and it is very expensive. Government is not willing to fund it due to its high cost.

If this bill becomes a reality, Indian children (children of other countries too) with HIV that are orphans could be placed for adoption and they could be sent to the US if no Indian family comes forward to adopt them. Obviously US have higher level of medications available and the families that want to adopt positive children had to be wealthy enough to provide for their needs apart from giving them a loving set of parents and a home.

President of the US had already expressed his support for this bill and he would sign when it comes to his table. This is great news for children with HIV throughout the world.


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