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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bedtime stories

Almost every night my girls want to hear a bedtime story. I have only so many and I just repeati them with different names for the characters and changing the storyline a little. I have realized that I can only fool them so long.

Why don’t you share your bed stories that every one of us could tell our children too? This is my girls’ favorite bedtime story. It is the story of Moses from the Bible. I made up part of the story. When Moses mother placed him in a specially made box for his safety and as he was floating sea animals (Crocodile, Shark and a big Tortoise) come by and talk to him. They reassure Moses that they’ll take care of him and not to cry. I give voice to these animals and the girls really get a kick out of it.

What’s your kids’ favorite bedtime story? Write in the comments section.


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