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Friday, December 21, 2007

Rejecting an adoption referral (Adoption Discussion)

Personally I thought paper work is not hard compared to the referral process. Those of you who do not know what the referral process is, it is a process that begins after the major paper work is completed where an adoption agency sends you the information of a child (medical history if they have, photos, and video clips etc) close to your preferences mentioned on the initial application.

Adoptive families have the choice to accept or reject the referral. In case of rejection, family is expected to return the information to the agency. Although the family is well with in their legal bounds in rejecting if they choose to, ethical and moral dilemmas of such actions can be painful and draining.

I know of families who had accepted the first referral as a principle no matter how the child is but I hear that some families struggle to do the same. Without being judgmental in one-way or the other, I really would like to learn why some families choose to reject a referral. I am sure there may be many other families that want to learn about such line of thinking.

If you had rejected a referral, did you experience guilt? If so how did you handle it? Would you have rejected the same child if you had given birth? I know this is a sensitive topic and if it makes you comfortable, please feel free to write your comments as “Anonymous”.


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