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Thursday, December 20, 2007

It feels like Christmas again.

In 1996, we bought a 7 ft tall an artificial Christmas tree in after Christmas sale. Since then we have been decorating every year. Till 2001, only both of us used to do it but after the kids came, the exercise to put up a Christmas tree had taken a whole dimension. Each year my wife had been buying some kind of an ornament for each of our girls and now they can pick out and hang it on the tree by themselves.

Today morning as we were sipping coffee, my wife felt like something was missing. After a while we both figured out that we don’t have Christmas music in the house. Well…. We don’t have a music system but have plenty of Christmas CD’s so I decided to play them on my computer. Everyone is happy – Daddy is happy as we don’t have to spend a lot to buy the music system, mommy has the Christmas feel at home and the girls have music to rock and roll.

For the past several weeks, girls have been told about the impending Santa Claus's visit to our house to bring them gifts. They are in the best of their behavior. If you didn’t know about this, Santa never comes but the parents buy the gifts and put it under the Christmas tree on the 24th night and say that it is from Santa. Poor Santa. I was in Chennai yesterday and the day before so I did some shopping for them. Shhhhh…. It’s a secret.

It sure feels like Christmas again.


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pratik said...


I wish that all of oyu have a great time!

Merry Christmas!!!