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Saturday, December 22, 2007

I can’t believe someone stole our star

Yesterday as I entered the HOPE House, all the kids came running to me and said in unison that our star was stolen. As it is a Christmas season, we thought to light up a star in front of the HOPE House and we have been enjoying the sight of it for the past few days till yesterday.

When I enquired the warden, she told me that it was not in the night but during the daytime that it was stolen. Someone boldly entered our premises and quietly took it around 9:00 AM. For that moment I was sad that someone could do that to deny these children some thing that they look forward to doing every evening to light it up.

But we hope that someone who took this star found the real meaning of it – to shine brightly that the focus is not on us but someone around us. Luckily our warden had a star of her own and seeing the disappointment on the children’s faces she readily tied that without any fear of being stolen again.


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