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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"Parenting Tips" - A new column on the blog

Don’t you wish that all our kids come with owner’s manuals? Compared to our own childhood, our children somehow seem to be under greater amount of stress and peer pressure. So where do you get your advice if you need one?

Indi(AA)doption has started a new column called “Parenting Tips”. This is to help us in dealing with challenges of parenting. Anyone with children (biological or adoptive) can write in this column.

Considering the value of personal experiences, we only ask that your parenting tips be of your personal experiences and not theoretical ideas from a book. You can write either directly in the “Comments” section or you can send to and we’ll post it with your name.

On Indi(AA)doption blog, on the left column, go to “Parenting Tips” to read all the previous parenting tips. It is not that only by writing a parenting tip you can participate, sometimes you can also participate by constructively criticizing a parenting tip that’s already been posted.

I hope you would join.


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health watch center said...

Hi Ruby,

That is the cool idea...and when one writes about own parenting experience then those post always gonna be interesting....

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