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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Kids can ask tough questions.

Have you ever encountered a situation where your child would ask a tough question and you don’t know an answer for it? How do you react? Do you act like you know everything and your child not supposed to ask these questions?

In our home some cartoons are off limits for our kids. Most of these cartoons have violence and mildly abusive language. We felt at this stage of development, it is not good for them to get exposed to such things. My older one is very good in distinguishing between a good and a bad cartoon.

That other day, we were at the dining table, my younger one switched on the cartoon and there was this so-called “bad cartoon”. She immediately advised her sister not to watch it and why. Well…. till then it was good but she immediately turned to Mom and Dad and asked “Daddy if the cartoon is bad, why do they put it on the TV”? We were completely dumb founded to answer this question. Looked at each other and didn’t have an answer. Politely looked at her and said “We don’t know”.

In Indian culture it is quite common for being told by the parents not to ask questions. Some consider it as a sign of disrespect but you must understand that all that your child is trying to do is to expand their horizon of thinking and understanding. If the question is something that you need not answer at this stage of their life, let them know but if you don’t know an answer, be humble enough to accept it your child may see your honesty.
Try and find an answer and he/ she is going to love you to death.

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