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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Awesome dad

My elder son (5 year old, biological) wishes to express his emotions through this letter to his dear Baba…a tribute to him on Father’s Day 2007!

Dear Sachin Baba:

Ever since I first opened my eyes, I saw you. You gazed at me as if I was such a wonderful thing, that it melted my heart. I remember, you looking at my mother, smiling in gratitude for giving you, me! Since then I have grown up to be your splitting image, always looking towards you, watching your every step, catching your every word. I know they are the most valuable words that I will ever get in my life.

I see you getting dressed for office every morning, and I feel a sadness overcome me. It will be another six hours till I will see you again. But I console myself and wait eagerly for the day to end, when you will come back, pick me up, snuggle me close and then spend every wakeful minute playing with me and answering my numerous questions. I ride on your back and you wince since you are tired, but you still smile and let me continue with my playful fantasies.

Last year, you brought me the most wonderful gift of all. A little baby sister! A very special one indeed, since she has two mothers and two fathers. And ever since she has come into our home, I have seen another new you. You gaze at my little sister in amazement as she grabs your finger, again looking at you in awe and admiration, as I do. You tell me that my little sister was first at a different home before she came into ours and I feel sad that she did not get the opportunity to see you as soon as she opened her tiny little eyes for the first time.

Baba, we both love you so much. You are fun, you are caring and on top of all that you let us be ourselves. You patiently answer all our questions and questioning expressions as well. I know, you miss us when you are away and yearn to come back home as fast as you can to see and play with your two little angels.

I have heard you say that Since GOD could not be everywhere, he created a MOTHER! But we feel that He put in a lot of thought when he created our FATHER too.

Anagha Paranjape Purohit
Architect Environmental Planner

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