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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My girls way of celebrating "Joy of Giving" week

Both my girls are very close to all the HOPE House girls. They know them so well that they know also of their needs. Last year, when we were having housing difficulties and contemplating about building our own building, they decided to chip in their might into the hat

They started their own clay Kiddy Banks and started asking all the guests to our house to donate to the cause of the Hope House. Few times they were so aggressive that mom and dad had to stop them from guests being embarrassed.

Here is the picture of their kiddy banks

Now, as we began to talk about the "Joy of Giving" week and "Learn N Earn" Project (by the way they are also participating in the project with their own science experiments), they thought it might be better they give away their kiddy bank money. My little one brought one of her own kiddy bank and said "Daddy, can I give my money to the HOPE House"? I couldn't resist and next thing was that she volunteered for her older sister and convinced her to give away also. Lydia gladly accepted her younger siblings request but she wanted to break her pot.

After they broke their pots and counted the money, mom had a jaw drop expression when she heard the amount. Well..... it came up to be Rs. 321.25/-

We are so happy and proud of our girls for being sensitive of their friends needs and doing their bit.

Lydia and Lily breaking their kiddy banks

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