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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Make Sachin Tendulkar a true “Bharat Rathna”

For the past year or so there has been a talk about conferring the highest civilian award called “Bharat Rathna” on Sachin Tendulkar – a man with matchless talent and impeccable integrity yet mild and gentle in his approach and outlook. This talk may have gotten even more intense after India won the recently concluded Cricket world cup.

Like many of my fellow country men and women, I do feel that Sachin has done such a lot for India through sport that he truly deserves this honor. By placing such an esteemed honor, country recognizes his deeds and expresses its gratitude. If this truly materializes, what’s next for Sachin? Perhaps the country’s expectations on him grows even more to an extent that he bring no disrepute of any kind for India and he’ll go under an electronic microscope at a young age of 38. For anything he does (including endorsements), he might be questioned with a tag of “Bharat Rathna” attached to it. For this reason alone, India would be better off in conferring this title to Sachin after he announces retirement from Cricket.

For India, it would be a greater loss if Sachin is conferred with Bharat Rathna and derives nothing more out of him. It would be better that he also be declared as a permanent “Goodwill Ambassador of India” where he tours the world at India’s expense promoting good will about/ for India throughout the world. For the first five years after his retirement, he might have more attractiveness in him than an elected representative which can be leveraged for better use (investment and peace etc) for the country.

Sachin would be immensely wise if he avoids reducing himself to the TV stations and Cricket stadiums to do commentary because the country is looking forward to seeing him do bigger/ greater things for India (outside of cricket). Even if he stands up for fraction of people’s expectations, he rises from being a Bharat Rathna on paper to becoming an ‘India’s Jewel’ in billion hearts.


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