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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Movie Time?

Do you and your family have a family movie night or thought of bringing one back to your family? If so, tonight may be a great night to start! There is a movie playing on FOX called, ""Change of Plans" and it pleasingly has to do with adopting.

Flip your channel, if need be, at 8:00 p.m Eastern /7:00 p.m. western and sit back with your favorite snack and fam to watch!
If you know of others who have been contemplating adoption or are still a little wary, spread the word. I of course haven’t seen this yet but the advertisement reads that it is encouraging. Who knows, it may even bring up some great discussions within your own family, even if you have already been on the wonderful journey of adoption.
Word is that right after the movie there is even a live “clickcast” where you can discuss and ask questions, just go to, experts on adoption will be available to answer your questions or you can even ask live on Facebook(
If you happen to have other plans already in place this evening it should be possible to catch this show later on by visiting Wal-Mart. They are said to carry, in store, the movies they bring to television once they have already shown.

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