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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Police zero in on couple behind child trafficking

Here is a story reported in 'Times of India' on the 19th of October where children are being kidnapped for the purposes of adoption to make money.

As we have seen in many many instances that kidnapping is the modus operandi for some to place children in adoption for financial gain and it is increasingly becoming widespread in India. there needs to be a solution to fix it. I am in support of all the efforts of the government to tackle these kinds of problem but they are woefully inadequate and sometimes the government machinery itself may be the aggressor.

I personally think that we need citizens empowerment to tackle child kidnapping/ trafficking. We need a network that connects people to help out. I have created an alert system called 'IndiaChildAlert' (something similar to 'Amber Alert' in the US but without the billboards). If you like, you can read more about IndiChildAlert at this link

If you're living in India and own a mobile phone, you can follow the steps below to join the IndiaChildAlert network.

Send an SMS by typing FOLLOW INDIACHILDALERT (don't forget to give the space between the two words) and then send the message to 53000. That's it. For this one SMS, your network might charge you according to your agreement.

You should receive a message saying that you're following IndiaChildAlert and from then on, anytime we have a missing/ lost/ trafficked child to report, we shall send a message out as an SMS which will be picked up by your mobile phone. I am assuming that for receiving SMS's you're not charged.

At anytime you do not want to be part of this network, send an SMS by typing LEAVE INDIACHILDALERT to 53000 and you're removed.

Kindly do forward this message to as many friends and families as you can to help build this network. If you do have a web site/ blog/ facebook/ twitter/ Linkedin or any other virtual networking account(s), please do post this message to encourage others to join. Larger the network, easier it is going to get in finding kidnapped children to restore them to their families.

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