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Friday, March 12, 2010

Just Some Time, Please.

My 3 year old was sitting here on my lap as I got on my computer and looked at me and told me I should get off the computer. I asked her why,

what she wanted to do and her response was that she wanted to be with me. Just a sweet simple request. It is such a joy to be a parent especially at times like these when your child just wants some of your time. Now I think we're headin for a game of Tumblin' monkeys.


Jeff and Leslie said...

Very cute. My son does the same thing, though he can't verbalize it yet. He just moans,"NOOOooooo."

Lynda said...

That's so sweet of your son!
I had another dad tell me, when talking about being on the computer, that he didn't want his kids to remember growing up seeing his back. Meaning he didn't want to be on the computer too much. I totally agree with him and try to limit my time on here more. And I find when I do get down and just play with the kids that it is so fulfilling. They grow up so so fast.

Vinata Iyer said...

yes I agree with kids growing up so fast just yesterday we were in a toy shop shopping for a friend's newborn and at tht time anandi (2.5yrs) was looking at diffrent toys and games and cds i had tht moment and tears thinking of our 2nd family day this week.ya we need to spend more time with them.

Lynda said...


Congrats on your 2nd family day! We will celebrate our 3rd family day, this week as well!!