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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Miss Flossy

My youngest is a few months shy of turning 4 years old. She just had her first official visit to the dentist. I couldn’t believe how well she did for them. When she was called back for her turn I went with her and she co-operated with the dental assistant.

They showed her all the tools and demonstrated how each one worked. She leaned her head back on the little pillow and opened her mouth wide each time she was suppose to. Then she got to watch a little cartoon about how to brush your teeth correctly. When the actual dentist came in she was a little bit leery though, I think this was because he was a man. She is good with her dad and all about her brothers, but any other men she has always been pretty conserved with. At the end she received a new princess tooth brush, a small tube of toothpaste and some floss. When it was my turn she was even wanting to come back and keep me company, but I was thought perhaps she would be busy investigating their things while I was stuck in the chair and couldn’t get to her if I needed to. So she stayed in the waiting room with the others while I took my turn.
The next day at home I find Sananda standing near the table, where I am seated, with a floss pick in her hand flossing her teeth just like it is nothing. It is so cute to see her having a time with these and being so grown up about it all. I think she will have the best flossed teeth in our house. And the best part is, with no cavities she is good to go for another year.

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