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Sunday, January 24, 2010

How beautifully our day started off today!!!

It was 5:45 AM and I came out of the house to open my gate and something wiggled in the grass in my yard and knocked the day light out of me. When I leaned forward to see what it was, it was a crow. He was not able to fly.

I waited for the day light and woke up my girls to tell them what I saw. Contrary to their routine, they jumped out of their beds to see what happened to the crow. Even before they saw the crow, my little one said, “Daddy let’s give some water to the crow and let’s keep him”.

By the time we saw, he somehow moved himself to hide under the plants. I moved the plants to located him and my kids got a kick out of seeing him. We had to shoo him out of the plants to identify the problem.

As my older one was shooing the crow, conversation between my little one and me went like this:

Lily: “catch him daddy”

Daddy: “I am scared Lily, do you want to catch him”?

Lily: “Oh no, I am too scared. But you’re big daddy, catch him”

Daddy: “I know but I am still scared”

At last I pulled my strength and caught the crow and only then did we realize the problem. Something happened and his legs are paralyzed. He is not able to stand on his feet to get push off to get a lift to start flying.

As we were figuring out as to what to do, we had zillion crows gathered right above our heads and sounded like screaming “LET THE CROW GO”.

Lily said “throw him up daddy, he’ll fly”. I was so scared to throw him up because what if that’s not the problem and I have to see the crow land flat on his nose. I came out of my yard and pulled my strength and threw him up, that’s it, he flew away and all his buddies followed him.

My girls started clapping and it was such a nice feeling to know that our day started off right footing.

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