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Monday, January 25, 2010

Best blessing of my lifetime!!

Today evening my girls wanted to go to the HOPE House because tomorrow is a holiday (India celebrates 60th Republic Day). As usual, my kids were chatting on the back seat of the car while I was concentrating on driving.

Suddenly I heard a question from Lydia “Daddy, what is the best blessing that you had received so far in your life time”? Not knowing what to expect, I was little apprehensive to answer this question but at the same time I didn’t want to disappoint Lydia. So I thought for few seconds and said “I think I have to say that my best blessing that I had received so far is my education”.

Lydia continued “Oh you think that’s why you’re able to run the HOPE House”? She went on and on to associate my education to things that I am able to do today or had done before. I decided to turn the tables on her so I asked Lydia “What’s your best blessing that you had received so far”? She thought for a second and said “I think my best blessing is to have a mommy and daddy like you both”.

Before I could say anything, I heard “that’s the same blessing for me too daddy” said Lily. “You’re the best daddy, you know that?” and tried to grab my head to kiss while I was trying to keep my focus on the road. That just made my day.

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Jeff and Leslie said...

That made me smile, thanks Ruby!