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Monday, December 07, 2009

Playing Lily’s chess

I had been teaching Lydia to play chess. Lydia is 8 years old and she can play fairly well now. Only problem is that she wants me to play with her all the time. She waits for me to play just before she goes to bed and as soon as she wakes up from the bed.

Today morning, I was checking my e-mails and she came and asked me to play so I asked her to set the board. She set it up and went to the bathroom. Here comes Lily (my almost six year old but going sixteen) and sits in the opponents chair and asked me “Daddy what color do you want to play”? I asked her “Do you know to play” (I know very well she doesn’t) and came the confident reply “YES”

Recently I read in a book that children do not have an extensive vocabulary to express verbally what they have in their hearts so as adults we need to look at their facial expressions, excitement to do something and body language etc to understand what they are saying. That thought being fresh in my mind, I decided not to disappoint my little lily so I agreed to play.

In Lily’s game of chess everything moves only forward. I decided to play Lily’s game of chess. She began to cut my coins and I couldn’t believe the excitement she had to see daddy losing the game. She went on and on and at one point she said “Daddy you don’t have any brains in your head” and I nodded in agreement.

Then comes the Chess queen Lydia. Seeing us play the kind of chess we were playing, she said “Daddy, are you teaching her wrong chess”? I showed her with my eyes to be quiet to let Lily win. Then Lily looked at Lydia and said “Akka (big sister), what do you think? I am winning and daddy is losing”. Lydia couldn’t disagree with her more but decided to play along and then Lily won by cutting my king. She got a kick out to see Daddy cry for losing.

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