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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Nursery blues in India

Yesterday I wrote a blog titled "Excelling in education is in our culture" and just today I saw a news clip on CNN something on similar lines. Wait till you see this video to have your jaw dropped!!


Jeff and Leslie said...

So what is the long-term success rate of students in this environment versus the government schools? What percentage of the population makes it into one of these schools? I will say that I wish more parents here concentrated on their children's education as much as the couple in the video.

Ruby said...

Obviously these kids that go to the private schools have much better success rate than the one's that go to government schools. In the clip it said that only 6% of aspirants make it to this private nursery where as the admission rate vs the applicants to Harvard and yale is more than 6%. Admission to the government school is open to everyone.

Here in India it is an unwritten understanding that public schools (government schools) are only meant for the poor kids that cannot afford private schools. It is one thing to say that government schools are not good but not doing anything about improving those same schools is nothing but self destruction. We pay for it through our taxes and not do anything about it? I don't get it.

I'll tell you we have some very successful people who are the products of government schools. Our former president Dr. Kalam who is considered as the father of India's missile technology, and Dr. Annadurai who is the director of India's moon mission are products of government schools. If only more Indians work to improve the quality of education imparted in government schools, we can change the course of our country forever.