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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mommy/Baby Game

My preschooler likes to play a Mommy/Baby game with me that is usually sweet.

She will come over to me and say, "You be Mommy Bunny and I will be Baby Bunny" or "You be Mommy Monkey and I will be Baby Monkey". One day she really surprised me by saying, "You be Ayah and I will be Baby". When she says this she usually crawls up on my lap and I will hold her like a baby and we will make appropriate animal sounds, touch noses or I say loving words like I imagine the Ayahs would have to the babies. On one occasion she came over and said to me, "You be Mommy Clown and I will be Baby Clown". As you can guess, the game was over that day. What a little tease she can be.


Jeff and Leslie said...

How cute! Our latest game is: put anything and everything into the toilet :-(

Lynda said...

Luckily the throw everything into the toilet game was short lived here. :) Hope it's the same for you.