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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reason I went to Hamburg

In 1975, when I joined the boarding school for the disadvantaged boys funded by KNH in Germany, a gentleman (Mr. Siegfried Mielkie) chose to support me (through KNH) then and continued till I finish my professional education in Physiotherapy.

Mr. Siegfried had never seen me (except for seeing me in the pictures) and I talked to him once over the phone when I was living in the US. Since I was going to Germany, I wanted to meet Siegfried and tell him personally what and how much he meant to me. He lives in Hamburg with his wife.

On the 28th, my friend and I boarded the train at Duisburg for Hamburg at about 8:00 AM and reached Hamburg-Harburg rail station around 11:00. When I got off the train, I noticed an 85-year-old white man was looking at me and I knew from his earlier pictures that it was he. I waved at him and with a big grin came and gave me a hug.

He took us to his children’s homes and we had lunch together. As usual I did most of the talking and he just listened. He asked me lots of questions about what I am doing now and when he heard about the work of the HOPE House he looked very happy. Altogether we were there for about 3 hours and then it was time to get back to the rail station. Mr. Siegfried and his son drove us to the station.

I didn’t know when I’ll see him again but I was so satisfied that I gotten to meet a man who paid for my entire education unconditionally. When I found out through his children that they came to know about this help only that day, I was really moved and appreciated his humility.

If you ever want to help someone, help a child to get educated.

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Jeff and Leslie said...

What a nice story! It's great that you got to meet him. Good luck on the rest of your trip.