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Saturday, April 25, 2009

IPL and my family’s loyalties

Today at the breakfast table we saw a commercial of a cricket game of the IPL (Indian Premier League) saying the scheduled game between Chennai Super kings and Kolkata Knight Raiders. My wife expressed her desire to see the Chennai team win today.

Lydia immediately jumped at her and said, “No, I want Kolkata team to win”. When asked she said, “It is owned Sharukh Khan and I am from Kolkota”. When asked Mommy said, “I am from Tamilnadu and I want to support Chennai”. Rest of the two that were left to pick their loyalties were Lily and Daddy.

Mommy said to Lily “Lilyma you be with momma and root for Chennai, OK”? Lily answered in a microsecond “No, I want Kolkota”. When asked she answered on the expected lines “We were born there”. Everyone wanted to know what Daddy is going to say and he was putting up his price. Girls asked Daddy to root for Kolkata.

When mommy reminded the girls that her brother also supports Chennai it did the trick for Daddy to pick his loyalty. “I want Kolkata” said daddy to make the Kolkata supporters in the house a majority. Then we went all out cheering “Go Chennai” “Go Kolkota”.  

Lydia also changed her mind to become a cricketer for India and not an astronaut anymore.  Game doesn’t start for another 7 hours and the heat is on in the house.

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