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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Family Day!

The day your child joins your family via adoption is a very special time. Some families like to celebrate this day as well as the child’s birthday. There are many different ways to celebrate what might be called Family Day.

I like this name as it includes everyone. If you like to celebrate this day here are some ideas that might be fun to do together:

1. Read your child’s adoption journal or life book to your child and look at pictures/videos from the day you were united at long last and maybe even share an Indian meal.
2. As your child gets older perhaps they would like to share with their class how they were joined together with you via adoption and talk about their birth country , including pictures of India with a map of the area they came from, along with Indian sweets for treats, and even read a story about India. This can also help spread a positive light on adoption in your child’s classroom.
3. You could decide to send a gift or money to the orphanage your child came from as a token of appreciation for the care they gave her/him and to help others who are still waiting for a family.
4. Spend the evening together watching a film about India, along with a mango lassi, Indian sweets, or just good old popcorn.
5. Celebrate with another family who brought a child or children home from India.
6. Make a scrapbook page about your family each year and then add it to a special family book you all create together.
7. Share why each family member is special
8. Make a cake and decorate it with small candles, one for every member of the family and then put a large number candle in the middle for how many years you have been together as a family.
9. If you have bio kids, make sure they know they are important and a wonderful par t of the family, include them.
10. Really, any way you decide to celebrate lets your child know that you are very happy they are a part of your family and a true blessing indeed, so be creative and let your child decide if it should be low key or a big happy celebration.
Remember this is also a day that the child may remember they have some losses too, so be sensitive to what your child wants to do and how they want to celebrate.

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Vinata Iyer said...

Thank you so much firstly for saying it as family day rather than adoption day . we will be celebrating our 1st "family day" on 18th of march and would definitely celebrate it and also record it for anandi to see it when she grows up coz she will just be 16 months old in march.
hugs n kisses to ur lil angel
Vinata Iyer