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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Andhra rights body to end SNs?

How will people respond to the Andhra rights body? They are calling for any babies that wouldn't be born "just perfect" to be terminated. They even want to prosecute parents for allowing the children to be born. (link following)

I can't say how awful this makes me feel. People are needed to step up and show that these children have a right to life, including life with special needs. How can they say these children don't deserve life at all, just because they are exactly like them, no one is exactly like another person. How can they make that decision for another person?
I am glad to know that there are couples stepping up to adopt children with special needs within India and without, and I hope many more will follow suit, this could also help to counteract what this group is trying to do. I guess they need to know that all children are important and deserve life. I was personally very disappointed when my husband and I, even recently, enquired about adopting a number of special needs children from India, within what we felt our family could handle, and were turned down for whatever reasons. We would have loved to have given our Indian daughter another sibing from her first country. Now we are encouraged to turn elsewhere and hope and pray these children do find a loving home where ever that may be.
To watch the video or read the story about this just follow the link...
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