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Monday, January 05, 2009

Adoption life book

Adoption life book is simple yet a power gift that any parent can give to their children. I believe that most of the adult adoptee wishes they had it growing up. Do you know how to make one? The advent of Internet superhighway has made it easy to make it and maintain it.

I did a little search to get some information on the life books.

Here is a link to adoption life book Q & A

Here is another link to a site that helps you make a life book. Positive thing about this link is that it’s moderators and the members are adoptive parents. Realizing the sensitivities involved in adoption, they have made it ‘Paid membership’ of 5 dollars per year (approximately 250 rupees per year). If you’ve joined or planning to join this site, could you please share your experiences with our readers?

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