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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Something funny

Older daughter Lydia had mastered Phonics to some extent. So she decided to teach her younger sister. She brought her flash cards (with alphabets on it) out and stuck three alphabets at a time to teach a word.

I was working on my computer on the bed while this is going on. First she put a word C..A..T and Lily got it right in first attempt. Then she put D..O..G. Lydia went over with Lily about the sounds of all the alphabets - D..O..G. What I was not prepared for was how Lily pronounced. I had to put my hand across my mouth not show my laughter to them. She said "

Here is something not so funny happened. Lydia got so mad that she pulled Lily's hair. I acted like I didn't see it.

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