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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

India Trip - Coming home

I part with my group in London and wait out the time for my next flight. It is nice just to browse around the airport shops in a different country when you haven't been there much before. It was kinda relaxing just waiting for my flight knowing soon I would see my family again and I would be back "on call" for them when we touched down.

The last flight home was fine but seemed really long, I think about how big this world is that we fly so fast and still take so long to get to the other side, but then you get home and get on the computer and it can be right in your face, it is kinda strange.

Anyway, my plane touches down and I just want to see my families faces waiting for me, but I have to wait and stand in lines knowing they are just on the other side of all of this, so close. Finally I am through all the checks and have my luggage. I go through the doors and start searching for them, and then I see them waiting and watching, what a good feeling that was! I wonder how my little girl will react towards me after being gone so long, she smiles at me and says, "Hi Mom!" and then she comes right to me. It was so sweet and it is wonderful to feel her in my arms again. I think the webcam did the trick for us, as we were able to talk about everyday while I was gone, then I think, good thing the world is so small that way.

My other kids look like they have gotten taller. My husband smiles too and we all get hugs and get on our way, I can't wait to show them all the things that I have brought for them and just to do family things again. I love that I have many things and experiences to share with Sananda, and her sibs, from her first country. We plan to go with her to India when she is old enough to process all that is going on so she can experience for herself firsthand, but in the meantime I will have plenty to share with her.

Thanks for following my journey, I hope you enjoyed!


Nirmala said...

Hi Lynda. Nice to see your journey. though I also keep a journal I never posted it. Dunno why. Looks like you had great time. Lots of learnings and fun together. We are adopting a child soon from Latur in maharashtra.She may come home next month.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading about your trip. Learnt few things about India and sad that it had to end. You write well.

Lynda said...


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed reading along. I was sad it had to end too. I hope to travel there again.

Hi Nirmal,

Thanks! You are always welcome to post your journal here. If you wish to share I would like to read it. I would love to hear about your child your getting soon! How exciting!!
Or if you have a blog or start one and want to keep it more private I would love to follow along if you would invite me to it. It would be great to learn about this part of India too. Just send me a line if you care to.