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Monday, August 04, 2008

India Trip-Day 12

Vanakkam !

Chennai Azhagagha Ulladu!

It will be a busy day as we get in some sight-seeing and shopping before heading out late this evening for the airport. We visited St. John's, in the fort, the 4th oldest church. Then we went to St. Mary's church to see St. Thomas' burial site. My son told me to get pictures, so accomplished that misson. Behind the church is the Bay of Bengal and we got our feet wet.

There was a boy swimming in the waves and it looked like he would drown, but he was just having a great time. There is a ship shaped building made of bricks on the beach and it looks like there are some people living in it, I am not sure what this really is here for.

We get some more shopping in and visit the grocery at the mall. It is getting late and after a rest at the hotel we decide to eat at a nice Indian restuarant. Word is that there is live music too! I am getting excited to go here, we get in and the place is really small. There is a microphone so I think we may get to hear some Indian music, which surprisingly enough we have heard hardly any of. We order our meal and a guy goes up to the microphone, the music starts to play, but it isn't Tamil or any Indian music. He is singing an English hymn. I like it, but am very surprised. All of the songs are in English, it was a nice place and the food was really good. Some of the girls ordered death by chocolate for dessert, it looked so good that I had to try it.

We hailed three autorickshaw drivers to take us back to the hotel. I honestly think they were racing with each other, because they were laughing as we kept coming up past each other. It was fun to have entertaining drivers for our last night in town.
We head to the airport about 11 p.m. even though our flight doesn't leave till about 3 a.m. so that we don't have to be out on the roads late at night. I guess we are feeling goofy while waiting at the airport as there is nothing to do once we get checked in. We decide to play cards while we wait and we have an audience. We move to the waiting area for our plane and this guy comes up and asks if he can join in a card game with us, I guess it looked like we were having lots of fun. So, he joins us and it turns out that he was just down further south in India teaching at another orphanage. It was kinda cool to run into someone else who had been doing the same sort of thing that we had.

Well, it is finally time to leave Chennai and I had bought some candies, as the barfi that I wanted were only sold outside of the gate and I didn't know it so I missed buying it. I find some Appy Fizz to buy for my husband instead of the barfi, knowing he will like this too. I get up to the counter to check my bag through and I remember that you can't have drinks go through in your carry on. I am ticked now as I really wanted to take this through. I get up to the front of the line and ask them anyway because I bought it at thier airport. They said YES, I can take it through, I was so happy. But, when I got to the next check point to board the plane to London, they wouldn't let me take it on. I was bummed and had to drink both bottles or leave them. I was sad I couldn't take it along, so I offered one of the bottles to everyone else and no one wanted one. I had to drink both before I could go. Luckily these are small bottles or I would have been in trouble, these are fizzy, bubbly, apple tasting drinks, so it was not easy to drink them down so fast. They are kinda like ginger ale, I don't think you can get it here in the states. I just may have to check the Indian groceries here when I get a chance and see.

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