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There are approximately 18000 parents registered with CARA, while the number of children in the Government's adoption pool is less 1800.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Guest column - Bharati Das Gupta

How do you choose the agencies to be a part of this project?

Children, waiting for homes is the only criterion.

What do the prospective adoptive parents need to do to adopt a child from Latur project?

A Prospective Adoptive Parent (PAP) must contact us preferably by email/ through our website. We will send them a set of documents consisting of, an overview note, the list of documents required to process the adoption and, our Registration form. The PAP must return the filled- in Registration form to us. On the basis of the child specifications indicated in the form, we will identify an agency where such a child is waiting, and assign the parent to that agency. Once we get the agency and the parent together, we like them to take on from there and deal directly with each other. We of course, pitch in, in case of difficulty. Our child data is updated every month.

Does it cost any money to adopt from Latur project?

Our services are free both, to the PAP and the agency. The agency is regulated by the fees prescribed by CARA. We do not come into the picture unless we hear of a wrong practice, if any.

What is the average length of wait for families to adopt from Latur Project?
3-6 months as of now. However, children are now fewer and unless we find ways and means of having more orphans move into the adoption stream, the ‘waiting time phenomenon’, could also, become a feature of these agencies. We have identified orphanages where there are children. If we get the required support and clearances from the respective State Governments, we should be able to start a virtual cycle. That is our end-objective - every child who needs a home and can find one, must go home; the rest must get a quality of care that is almost as good.

Are you working on any other project?

Yes, we work with Destitute Homes and Orphanages and assist them with their vocational training initiatives. Generally, we set up a Computer centre and provide the services of an instructor. We offer training in life-skills, job-oriented craft, basic literacy and health. We also, provide recreation-facilities.

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