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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Started making scrapbook for our little one after four years.

I’ve heard this many times that the first child in a family gets everything on time and in large quantities but the second one onwards things gets delayed. It is not because the families do not want it for their second child but I think they just takes them for granted. Does that sound like your family??

If the paragraph above describes you or your family, don’t worry we are right there with you. For our first child, we began doing things even before she came home. After she came home, we almost took pictures on a daily basis. Then came our second one, we were like in “been there and done that” attitude. Digital camera somehow went into hibernation. For our first child, we made a scrap book which we started even before she came home but for the second one we bought all the supplies but it never gotten us to start making it.

My wife and I decided that we’d make scrapbook for each child as our gift to be given on the 18th birthday. We are late by four years for our second child’s scrapbook. We decided that it is better late than never so there we went to start the scrapbook project for our second one. Our children do not know about it so we had to do it when they are gone to school and then we have to hide in a place they can’t have access to it.

Brought all the supplies and the photos and began sifting through them. Gosh….my girls have grown. They don’t look the same anymore. Little one hardly had hair but now she has a lot. Older one had curly hair and now it is straight. It took 4 hours for my wife to make two pages and plenty to go. Then it was time for the kids to come home from school so we had to pack up the box and put it up.

When she did those two pages, she brought it to me and guess what? Chicken moment…. almost but not quite. Just loved those two pages.

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