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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sorry, I am a mean dad today

Lydia is not feeling well today and she didn’t go to school. That means she would watch television for the whole day. I wanted to make sure that doesn’t happen rather she spends her time in something meaningful and constructive.

You’re wrong if you’re thinking if I had unplugged the TV cord or disconnected the TV from cable box. I turned both the remote batteries in the same direction. I told this to my wife and told her not to be alarmed if the TV doesn’t work for her.

As expected Lydia woke up, brushed her teeth and reached for the remote. One try….two try….third try….We both of us sat there and looked at each other. She turned the switch on and off a few times (like mom does when the old TV doesn’t work) and realized that the TV is not working.

I said in my heart “Sorry Lydia, I don’t want you to watch TV today but rest and get better”. I am a mean dad today.

Come this evening, batteries will be turned back to their original position and ta....da....magically TV will come on again.


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