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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

planning a trip

I am planning a trip soon, that unfortunately, I will not be able to take my kids along on. I am planning to connect with them each day and hope to use the internet to do this. Especially since our youngest is only 2 years old and adopted I want her to understand that even though mommy will be gone a little while that I am coming back...

In order to help her understand this and to connect to my other kids too, here are some things that I am planning on doing. Maybe sharing this with you will one day help you connect with your kids if you have to be gone at some point.

1. Writing a story explaining why I am gone and what I am doing. Telling what they will be doing during this time too. When mommy will be home, etc.

2. Keeping in touch through video conference on internet.

3. Using free phone service via internet.

4. blogging to them about my days events.

5. sending pictures via the blog.

6. using e-mail if the blog fails.

7. Give them things to keep busy while I am away, taking their mind away from it for awhile.

8. Leaving a picture of mommy around to look at anytime they want. Maybe a picture keychain for little one to carry around.

9. Recording me reading them a bedtime story, if they like, to listen to each night.

10. And of course Daddy will be here with them too.

If you happen to have any additional or better ideas for me, please leave them in the comments section. I would really like to read them.

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