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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

1 or 2?

Now that we have our girl home I am thinking I would love to bring another child into our home, from India. Ok, so I have wanted to long before this, but now I have a question to pose.

My husband is not so sure that he wants to adopt again. He loves our daughter dearly, but just isn't sure about the whole process again. We had talked about adopting a second time and maybe even from another country. What I am wondering is if it is more beneficial to our daughter, if we do adopt again, to adopt from India once more?
Does it matter if the next child would be from say... Africa?

Or is it enough if we don't adopt again, but try to keep her connected to her roots, including some of the culture in our home, and keeping in touch with other families like ours where the rest of us in the family are non-Indian but at least one child is Indian or even from a different country than the rest of their family? The kids could rely on each other for support. There are a few other adoptive families in our community that we see quite regularly where the child is from another country than the rest of their family. We so want our girl to be connected with her first country and hope to take her for visits as we can. We want her to have a love for India.

I just wonder if having a second child in the family from India would make her more comfortable as she grows, and they would have each other to talk to and relate with.
Of course I would not adopt just for this reason alone. It would be really wonderful to just have another child in our family.

Anyone have any experiences that could help me to see this more clearly?


Lynn said...

Dear Lynda,
Congratulations on your decision to adopt again. I have two girls that I adopted. The joy is double!
I would think it will definitely make your daughter more comfortable to have a sister/ brother that share her ethnic background.
1.They might find common things to do together in this interest area, as they grow older. It will definitely help their bonding.
2. It can be more cost effective for you as a family to go to one country for visits than two.

Just a few random thoughts that came to my mind when I read your blog.


Lynda said...

Thanks for your input Lyn. Those are good ideas!