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Monday, June 16, 2008

My kids’ school annual day and more....

We had our children’s school annual day yesterday. It is always a fun time to attend this function because we get to hear the principal’s report and watch the students get prizes.

This is ICSE standard school and we heard in the principal’s report that in the past 37 years, they never had pass percentage of +2 (like high school senior year) anything less than 100%.

This year our family had something very special to watch. Program started at 6:00 PM and our family along with grandma was there but Lydia is at the back stage…..suspense!!


Our family is so proud of her that she got to shake hands with the Chief Guest and bring home a ton of books and certificates. Only book that looked familiar to me was “Jungle Book” and the rest are kind of new (at least to me).

As soon as she came down the stage, I was standing there with my little one and gave her high five’s (remember the post on ‘high five moments??). My little one was so excited and she wanted to carry those books. Lydia assured her that if she studies hard, she can get the same prize next year.

This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without my dear wife’s coaching. As soon as Lydia comes home from school, she gets a wash and then sits with mom to do her home work before going to play. Problem is that Lydia has such a short attention span; I can hear sometimes mom losing her patience.

Lydia is so competitive that she wants to repeat the same next year and we grabbed on that opportunity to let her know that it is in her hands. Well….looking at her older sister, little one also decided that she will work towards shaking hands with the guest and bringing books home.



Sumanta said...

Way to go Lydia! A Big High Five from us too...
God bless her and i'm sure she will bring many such laurels to the family.

Lakshmy said...

Hooray! Congrats to Lydia and the proud parents - the lil' is sure to follow her sister's footsteps!