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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In Steve Martin’s shoes on Father’s Day

When my girls and I returned from grandparent’s house yesterday (just around the block), mom was watching an old movie “Father of the bride”. I had watched this movie several times before but it had a different spin on me this time.

If you hadn’t watched this movie, it’s all about a family’s preparation for their daughter’s wedding. When we reached home, it was just days away from the wedding and hectic preparations are under way. Surprisingly, all four of us found interest in watching this move.

There were few incidents in the movie that brought me close to having a “Chicken Moment” but somehow I managed to swallow it because my older one was lying in my lap (and sucking her thumb), watching the movie along with me and didn’t want to be a chicken in front of her - Daddy always tells the girls not to be afraid of darkness because daddy can punch the devil in the face and tare it into pieces.

First chicken moment was on the night before the wedding when Steve Martin was in the bed and reminiscing all their daughter had been through in life – birth, growing up, school, college, and falling in love etc. Steve was looking in to the past, but (call me crazy) I was looking into the future. How will my daughter look? I looked into my daughter’s face; she was sucking her thumb hard, and told her in my mind “honey, why don’t you just stop growing now”?

Second one was when the priest asks in the church “Who gives this woman in holy matrimony”? Background voice of Steve Martin says “Woman”? “This is my baby”. I pulled Lydia close to me and she didn’t know what was going on but gave a toothless grin.

Third one was when Annie Banks (acted by Kimberly Williams) calls the father from an airport to thank him for who he is, hell broke lose. My older was staring at me and I had to look away and act like I had a bad itch on my face.

After the movie was over, my older one asked me “Daddy, do everyone have to be married and go away”? I so badly wanted to tell her that she doesn’t need to get married nor move away but I had to answer what’s right, so I said “Oh Lydia, marriage is fun, you can go see places with your husband and have kids like how mommy and daddy have you and Lily”

Lydia thought for a while, gave a big a hug and said “Daddy, I don’t want to get married”

Squeezed her in embrace, gave her a big kiss and said “Good night” for being my daughter. My little one came in no time with puckered lips asking for a kiss for her too. Gave her a nice big kiss and said "Good Night" to her too.

I hit the bed as a content father on this father’s day.

Hope your father's day was as fun filled as mine!!


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