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Monday, June 02, 2008

How to beat early empty nest syndrome? (Parenting – Q and A)

Today as my baby girl was carried to the bed by my wife she said “I can’t believe that she is going to go off to school”. I asked her what she meant and she said “I still feel she is so small and I can carry her”. I really didn’t know what to make of it nor to say but I knew what she was going through.

Thursday my baby girl will start her formal schooling for the first time. Everyone is excited but I can hear some unspoken nervousness in mom about leaving her baby to school. Mom and the baby have a schedule at home after the older leaves to school that they enjoy following it and it is about to be thrown in disarray. I think my wife is more concerned than I am.

I am familiar with the empty nest syndrome but I am wondering if my wife is going through an early empty nest syndrome? Is this common? How do families cope with it? Are there any strategies to beat this?

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Anonymous said...

Iam a mother of two and know what it feels like when your world centered around your kids needs change.
Some methods i adopted as my first daughter left for school-and i needed to reframe my time-
1)pursue your long pending hobbies-
for me it was to read my favourite books and take notes

2)more time to surf for new recipes and try them-especially of interest to my kids

3)more time to be alone with the Lord and for intercession-this was one thing i longed for-as it was during my fresh college days -days of first love with the Lord.
Hope this helps u.


Ruby said...

Thank you.